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This automatic kettle is ideal for pour-over coffee aficionados, it also works nicely for tea.

This review will look at the Bonavita 1.0L Digital Variable Temperature Gooseneck Kettle as a solution to a few ridiculously first world problems.

Rating: recommended

Sure, you might be satisfied with your existing water heating routine. Why complicate the issue with another kitchen gadget...?

The only real justification for indulging in such a purchase is that you want better tasting coffee and you use a manual brewing method such as a pour-over or aeropress. As it turns out, if you overheat the water, you over-extract the coffee beans. Beyond ruining the taste of the coffee, this can give your coffee an acidic quality and in some cases it may upset your stomach.

There are are some additional benefits that are less convincing:

 - It heats the water faster and uses less electricity than an electric range
 - Easier to clean than a kettle on the stove, it doesn't really get dirty
 - Remembers temperature settings for quick starts
 - The kettle is all stainless steel on the parts that touch water
 - The gooseneck (besides being an awesome word to say) is better for pour-over coffee dispensary accuracy

I chose this kettle because it is one of the few that doesn't have plastic parts touching the heated water. Sure the plastic is probably harmless from a health perspective, but I'll be damned if I take chances with my coffee's flavor.

We typically buy dark roast coffee. For the darker roasts, you are supposed to use a lower temperature. The aeropress coffee temperature guide is a good point of reference. The Bonavita's instructions simple say 200F for all coffee, completely insane... 190F on a dark roast is really good. The coffee we brew now has no acidic quality and it has a chocolaty taste profile. You of course can go completely insane with your ritual: example.

This kettle, normally $94.99, went on sale for $59.99 dollars, thanks stealengine :)

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