BlackFriday 2015, stay home and eat...

It's 4am on Black Friday. Your crazy Aunt Molly awakens you from your slumber to see if you'd like to accompany her shopping. She has a wild look in her eye - wilder than usual. You experience a moment of doubt; perhaps Aunt Molly is right. She was right that one time about that one thing...but then you remember that you updated your StealEngine wishlist the other day! You wish her well in her brick-and-mortar endeavors and quietly hope she is not caught in a stampede. You sink back into your cocoon of blankets, wake later at a reasonable hour, and eat pie for breakfast as you peruse the swell deals StealEngine delivered to you while you snoozed. 


This Black Friday, skip the lines and hang out with your friends and family. The Internet is already lighting up with deals. Be sure to update your WishList by adding the items you want most this holiday season. While you're at it, delete any WishList items you no longer need to ensure you get the best results. If you need any help just post a comment. Additionally, we now have a StealEngine subreddit at where you can ask questions and post about your favorite deals. Also, check out the section to see what deals others are scoring.

As always, please help us keep the lights on by sharing StealEngine with your friends, your family, your room-mates and your Aunt Molly. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

The StealEngine Team

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