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Review of the excellent Dyson V6 cordless vacuum with tips about how to fix issues and shortcomings.

If you have kids, your house ( and probably life ) can quickly descend to states of disarray.

Technology to the rescue.

The Dyson V6 vacuum is an incredible feat of engineering. Dysons are unique because they use small cyclones (think a bunch of tiny tornadoes) to filter and trap dirt, rather than a paper or foam filter in lesser vacuums.


The Good:

- Battery life is sufficient unless you are doing a serious marathon cleaning session.

- Awesome suction, the brush head seems to agitate dirt very well to lift it up.

- Relatively easy to clean, washable filters.

- Having a lightweight cordless vacuum encourages you to vacuum much more often.

- Good for cleaning & dusting corners and moulding with attachments.

The Bad:

- It is terrible at picking up large particles on hard surfaces. It struggles on most cat litter. I came up with a hack work around to address this by putting adhesive felt pads on the bottom of the head. I may post about this trick in more detail later.

- The canister gets full really quick if you have pets that shed. You have to empty it frequently.

- If you clumsily empty the canister there is a potential for debris to enter the motor unit which houses the 90K RPM impeller. You have to clean this out from time to time.

- Battery goes out during marathon cleaning sessions.

Recommended: Yes

We like it so much we bought two.

Buy one from Amazon ($299) here:


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