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Impossible to live without?

As a proponent of The Breakfast Sandwich, I feel qualified to weigh in on this contraption. I have to give their product division credit for coming up with this thing. I can only image the meetings which were held before someone greenlighted this. "Look Earl, I think you really underestimate the global sandwhich market outlook, why do you always have to shoot down my ideas..."

Naturally, there are some ridiculous questions from amazon customers, here is the top one along with some answers:

Q: "Will this save my failing marriage, and if not, is it safe to consume two breakfast sandwiches alone?"
A: "It won't save your failing marriage, but mistresses are very fond of breakfast sandwiches." - Dave
A: "Add a bigger sausage, and you should be fine!" - Mr. McDouche
A: "Yes. Studies have shown that a hungry spouse is an angry spouse. Perhaps the problems in your marriage are related to hunger?" - JN


Overly Specific Products might become a regular feature on this blog.



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