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We ended up with mixed feelings about this product, though this is probably due to the heat distribution on an electric range.

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We bought the Chef King 10 Gauge Steel Griddle, 12 Inch x 20 Inch, from amazon (link above).


After around 4 months of use, I am ready to opine on the "Chef King 10 Gauge Steel Griddle".


The bottom line is that it is OK. I have an idea for a griddle design which I would love. I'll write about that on a separate post.


We have an electric range with a middle "bridge burner", so we thought this would be a good fit. Unfortunately, the steel griddle does not diffuse the heat evenly and you're stuck with a very hot middle griddle.


The 1.5 hour seasoning process:

General Electric oven setting for griddle seasoning.

seasoning the griddle

Here was a nicely (oven) seasoned griddle:

nicely seasoned griddle

After use, you can see the extensive and uneven carbonization in this picture:

A fair amount of uneven carbonization on the griddle

It seems to work alright.. cooking some breakfast dinner on it:

Cooking eggs and hash browns on the steel griddle and electric stovetop.

It might heat more evenly on a gas range with large burners.


Recommended: Maybe, but not for electric ranges.



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