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Good deal, thanks

Chris T. on 01 Jan 2018

Was looking to add a White Sonos Play One Speaker to my sound set, Did the search and found a two speaker package price at a huge 25% price reduction! Bought them just now...:-)

Steve H. on 18 Dec 2017
20% Off
1498.00 1198.00

StealEngine alerted me in time to get the deal, sweet!

Nick J. on 24 Nov 2017

Great deal on these premium headphones, thanks stealengine!

John Q. on 24 Nov 2017
17% Off
5999.00 4998.00

Amazon/Best Buy have the LG for $5999 plus tax. Crutchfield has it for the same but no tax. Adorama has it for $4998, no tax, and they give you a free 49" 4K TV, and a speaker. OMG

Valter on 25 Sep 2015
40% Off
24.99 14.99

Wanted another SD card for my camera, looked no further than SE for finding the best deal!

Valter on 09 Sep 2014

great deal on a nice webcam, thanks StealEngine!

cdiggers on 18 Apr 2014
22% Off
229.99 179.99

All time low price! Cyber Monday Only.

Rizak on 02 Dec 2013
50% Off
135.00 67.50

Been looking for a good deal on this and it came up right away in the search.

dealseekr88 on 17 Sep 2013

42% Off
599.00 349.99

Only took two years to go on sale but I didn't miss it!

Pete k on 08 Jun 2013
57% Off
79.99 34.00

been looking for parallels 8 for a while, found it here on SE! woot!

Valter on 16 Feb 2013
56% Off
179.95 79.18

Got over half off plus free shipping on this pair of snowboarding pants!

Brandan N. on 03 Jan 2013

I got an amazing deal on a pair of outstanding headphones!

Brandan N. on 02 Jan 2013
70% Off
99.99 29.99

8" frame, LED, with free shipping.

SaminNJ on 15 Dec 2012
60% Off
249.99 99.99

Insane deal on the best router.

greeenacres78 on 05 Dec 2012

38% Off
79.99 49.99

Best price I had seen on this pair!

Chris J. on 01 Dec 2012